If your team is not scheduled for a game on any week, please let me know because that would be my error as there are no byes this year as each division has an even number of teams.

This weeks schedule is up and I will get the next 2 weeks for December on the site by tomorrow morning. Again I want to thank everyone for their patience I know it is difficult for the parents and coaches. As always I try as best I can to make the schedule work for everyone, but not always possible.

I want to apologize to all the coaches and parents as I have not been able to get more of the schedule up and the reason is that I have been working 100 hours a week at my job and just have not had a chance to get more done. I know it is is inconvenient for the coaches and parents and I am truly sorry and trust me I wish I could have completed the whole schedule by now. There are 43 games a weekend and it can not be done with a computer program as there are numerous teams with the same coach which need back to back games; some teams can only play on certain days or at certain times due to coaches work schedules and I try very hard to meet all these requests as I truly appreciate all the time these coaches give to their teams and programs. I promise that by noon on Wednesday I will have this weekends games on the site and by the end of the day on Wednesday all three weekend games for December will be on the site; I was hoping to get to it over Thanksgiving or today but my work schedule has not allowed for that. I will be taking time off on Wednesday and will do the schedule for December. Again I want to apologize for not having it done by now and appreciate your patience and understanding. Thank you John Vitulli