I know the weather is a concern for everyone and I understand; however baring another major storm all the games are on for this weekend; if we cancel any games this weekend we would not be able to complete the finals on Sunday. If any games were to be cancelled this weekend the playoffs would be pushed off for 2 weeks as we can not play next weekend due to a lack of gym space an refs as there is a very large fund raising tourney for the Law Boys/Girls Club next weekend that we can not and will not compete against. I know teams will be traveling and playing more than 1 game on Saturday so please be careful, do not rush, the refs have been informed to be patient and allow teams time to get there so if you are running a little late the games will not start. I want to than everyone, especially all the coaches for a great season to this date and the playoffs are being run differently for the first time in 25 years with more divisions and being done over 1 weekend. I will be meeting with the directors of the basketball programs shortly after the season and we will discuss the season and how to make it work better next year. Any constructive opinions from the coaches and parents is truly welcomed and can be emailed to me and it will be brought up at out meeting. Thank you and good luck to all and please everyone be extremely careful. John Vitulli

For all divisions with more than 6 teams the playoffs have been broken down to 2 divisions: 1 division is teams comprised of only players from their school and the other division is for teams comprised of parish players.

Only 4th grade & 5th grade girls have only 1 division as there are only 6 teams in each division.

We will be charging an admission fee of $1.00/adult (kids, players & coaches are free) for the playoffs and $5.00/adult (kids, players & coaches are free) for the finals to help pay for the cost of the long sleeve shirts all players get who make the finals

There are 18 finals and we have to finish this weekend as we stated at the start of the season. There have been several changes this year including starting and finishing earlier as well as the playoff structure; we will meet again after this season to discuss what worked well and what we need to revise.

I tried extremely hard to meet all of the 40-50 time requirements for this weekend, but since we have 67 games this weekend I will apologize in advance if all the requirements were not met.

We can not do all the finals only Sunday 1/12 as it is not possible to have 18 games at St Augustines in one day so the schedule for the finals is as follows:

Finals already determined as there are only 2 teams in these divisions are as follows (these games are on the site)

4th grade boys non-school division
7th boys non-school division

All other championship games are to be determined with the times for these finals below


Sacred Hearts

4:00PM 8th girls school division
5:15PM 8th Boys non-school division
6:30PM 8th Boys school division


4:15PM 4th Boys non-school division
5:30PM 4th girls
6:45: 5th girls

St Augustines

5:15PM 5th boys school division
6:30PM 6th girls school division


St Augustines:

7:30am 4th boys school division
8:45am 5th boys non-school division
10:00am 6th boys school division
11:15am 6th boys non-school division
12:30pm 7th girls non-school division
1:45pm 7th boys school division
3:00pm 8th girls non-school division
4:15pm 6th girls non-school division
5:30pm 7th girls school division

Non School teams:

Law Boys & Girls Club
St Monicas