Merrimack Valley Catholic Basketball League

20 minute halfís with running time: the last 2 minutes of the game is stop time 3ís are allowed only in 6th, 7th and 8 th grade Zone defense is allowed only in 7 th and 8 th along with pressing and trapping at all places on court. Players are disqualified with 5 fouls.

There is no pressing once you are up 15 points. This is also by the discretion of the Refs. They may pull you back after 10 points depending on the game. The refís decision is the final decision.

Foul shot are taken on the 10th foul and are 1 & 1. This remains that way for the entire half. 4 th & 5 th may step over the line. 6 th ,7 th & 8 th must stay behind line unless there is a ref decision not to.

There is no pressing for 4 th , 5 th and 6 th grade except the last 2 minutes of the game. Even when you can press you have to stay in Man to Man but you are allowed to double team in the paint.

No player may play on a lower grade team.

A Coach that receives a Technical foul will not be able to coach their teamís next game. A Coach that receives 2 Technical fouls in one season will immediately be removed from coaching for the remainder of the year.

All players on the bench who are eligible to play must play every game; there is no mandated playing time, but all players must get into the game.

Respect and good sportsmanship are more important than talent and wins; players must respect the refs, coaches and other players. There will zero tolerance for bad sportsmanship and the refs have the league support in maintaining this policy.

Coaches are held to an even higher standard than the players and are expected to show respect for the refs, other teams players and coaches and to set a good example for the players as to how one behaves during a game. Coaches may not see themselves as role models but their behavior towards the refs and the other team has a direct impact as to how the players and their parents react as well.

Please always be respectful to the kids at the scorers table as they are trying their best and if they make a mistake please inform the refs and let the refs deal with the score. No coach or parent should ever confront the table in regards to potential errors, this can only be done by the refs. If coaches have a concern or question about the score or time please inform the refs, not the table.

Questions concerning schedules can be directed to the John Vitulli home # 978-273-3080; FAX 686-0048; E-Mail