Coach's Log-On


  • Sponsor Directors
    a. Log in using name entered by the League Director
    b. Add a password under Sponsor Manager. Update information if needed.
    c. Create all coaches under Coach Manager and leave passwords blank
    d. Create all sponsored teams under Team Manager.
    e. Verify all teams are assigned to a coach.

  • Coaches
    a. Log in using name entered by your sponsor.
    b. Select 'Click here to edit your coach and team profiles'
    c. Add a password under Coach Manager. Update information if necessary.
    d. Update team information under Team Manager.
    e. Click 'Back to Scores'
    f. Verify all your game dates, times, opponents, and locations are correct.

    Download - Lawrence Boys and Girls Club Membership form.
    Download - St. Anne's Home Release and Indemnification.form.

NOTE: Coaches please verify that all of your scheduled games are correct. If not, call the league director,, 978-273-3080.



 Coach    Director

Coaches Note: First time logon does not require password.
You will be able to add password once you are logged in.